'Pop-up Studio' Results


From August 16 through the 19th, City staff and consultants took Connect Sammamish on the road, setting up a booth at six locations around town and listening to hundreds of residents. The booths - called 'Pop-up Studios' by the consultant team - were established at community events like Sammamish Days or at area shopping centers. 

Besides chatting with passers-by, folks were invited to complete paper versions of the Connect Sammamish online poll, or asked to add notes and comments on a large map of the city. 

The file below includes everyone's comments (transcribed) and a large map of the study area, with notes that summarize what the planning team heard. 

Pop-up Studio Results (Acrobat™ file) 

Orientation Interviews


To help kick off the Connect Sammamish process, the City and consultants conducted a number of interviews with more than a dozen locals able to help identify and share varied perspectives on important transportation-related issues. 

More than 35 were invited to participate in the June 12 - 14 sessions, including representatives from service providers, the business community, developers, residents, City Council, public safety agencies, schools, and others. Some who were unable to participate in-person were interviewed later by phone. 

Here's a copy of the interviews summary, prepared by lead consultant Fehr & Peers

Interviews Summary (Acrobat™ file)