2014 Community Survey

As recently as 2014, the City of Sammamish commissioned a survey, seeking input on what issues are most important to residents - especially those the City can address. Here's a copy of that survey, listing "traffic congestion" as the biggest issue among respondents. Interestingly enough, four of the top seven issues listed are transportation-related - meaning close to 64% of all things mentioned as "most desired change" had to do with travel! 

2012 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan


Parks and open spaces provide many cities with the type of visual "signature" that makes them distinctive - something that's certainly true of Sammamish. It follows that planning for the city's future needs to harmonize with parks and open space areas, tapping trail networks and helping the city grow in positive ways. Here's a copy of the 2012 Parks, Recreation & Open Space (PROS) plan.