Plan Update

Thanks to everyone that's taken part in Connect Sammamish thus far! We've made great progress, owing to lots of great input from the Sammamish community.

The City and its consultant team are now developing the draft plan - spurred on by City Council’s moratorium on new development pending the plan’s adoption. A range of additional meetings and events are slated through early 2018, so check back here and at the City's calendar page for news, event listings and updates as we move forward! 

Public Workshops


Sammamish is a fast-growing, complex place - so LOTS of input is needed to create a plan that really fits. Public workshops will let residents detail the issues - and suggest where the plan should lead. 

Planning to the People


Can't make workshops? We're taking the plan on the road with "pop-up" stations around town, online questionnaires and user group meetings. We want to hear from you! 

"Get There" Strategies


Plans may chart a course, but they don't always advise on how to get there. The transportation plan will evaluate and recommend a wide range of strategies - giving Sammamish a "how to" guide for progress.